We all have moments of negative thoughts and beliefs based on bad situations and past experiences. Most of the time we continue to ruminate, leading into a vicious cycle: thought, debilitating feelings, rejection, and depression. Other times, we choose to run away from those thoughts through bad habits.

What we do less often is become aware of those thoughts and take responsibility for them.

What you focus on grows. The more you focus on negative past events, or allow yourself to be anxious about the future, the less you can see what is good about the present.

So what can we do to multiply the positive, confident and strong thoughts that could lead to responsible future outcomes, not just momentary, protective actions?

Here are some initial pointers:

1. Be mindful of your thoughts. Throughout the day, check in with your thoughts and assess where are they placed, past, future or present.

2. Be aware of your thinking habits, and recognizing your personal patterns. Act by forcing your brain to find the positive in every thought and situation.

3. If you find your thoughts are negative, make a conscious decision to redirect them towards being positive. It is not a one-off, it is a constant practice that will lead you to condition your mind to respond automatically with the better outlook.

4. Find the best way for you to record the positive in your life. Write it down in a journal, set up a reminder in your cell phone, or make it a morning or night ritual. This will help monitor your thoughts, reshape them, uncover unseen blessings and track your progress.

We are constantly growing, stretching and evolving, Make your thoughts a central place of your personal development and evolution.

Written by Monica Kerik