Workshops and Talks

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I design workshops and keynote speeches that motivate participants to explore what really matters in life, how to manage stress, the importance of human connection, and the sources of happiness and well-being.

Workshops are a combination of expert views, the latest research on positive psychology, group discussions, and most importantly, the definition of clear actions that help you maximize learning and initiate immediate change.

Talks and workshops can be for one hour, two hours, a half day, or a weekend retreat.
All are tailored to suit your group’s, team’s or organization’s needs.

Workshops and Talks

Happiness & Wellbeing Workshops

The principles for a meaningful life
Learn how to integrate the science of happiness into your professional and personal life in practical, workable ways. You will receive simple practices that you can use every day. You will have the option to follow up with individual workshops covering the principles in more depth.

What actually makes us happy?
Our happiness is not set in stone.  We can learn skills that help us achieve happiness. Everyone’s path to happiness is different, but research suggests there are ten key areas that affect our happiness and all are within our control. Learn a more contemporary way to create a fulfilling life.

Action for Happiness Club for Schools 
This club is packed with fun activities and ideas to build students’ happiness skills. Kids will learn that based on the latest research, experts have worked out 10 Keys to Happier Living. Each week we will be focusing on a ‘key’ and pick an activity, challenge or game, try it out and see what we discover, what we feel and what we notice.

Improving our relationships
Having good relationships isn’t just about making sure we spend time with people and look after them. We can adopt practical habits that have been proven to enhance our connections with others.

Design your life
Using Design-Thinking principles, we discover your unique strengths and values, opening up possibilities that will help you choose a life path that is truly right for you. Learn how to live with intention and design a purposeful life, regardless of your chosen career.

Creating happier workplaces
How happy and effective we are at work depends on how our work makes us feel and the way which it motivates us. People who find their work intrinsically rewarding perform better and are more satisfied than those motivated by external rewards.

What’s the workshop impact?

– Greater sense of self-awareness
– An understanding of manageable and practical changes that can be implemented immediately
– Higher levels of engagement and “presence” at home and work.
– Improvements in communication and relationship building.

“Monica’s workshops are very unique. They are very helpful for our day to day life. We forget that we have the ability to seek happiness and fulfillment in our lives and her workshops teach us the skills and tools that we need to achieve it. She truly is committed to her work and makes each sessions interesting and fun. I have enjoyed taking her classes and have greatly benefited from it. I have learnt something new in each session and have also made new friends.” – Deepti


The workshops conducted by Monica are very helpful! They are so relevant in today’s day and age when we are overwhelmed by the “busyness” of life. The workshops focus on practical changes that we can incorporate in our lives that promote self awareness and improve our day to day relationships both at home and work. This is a movement more people need to know about!! Highly recommended!! – Jaya

Connect with me. I will design the right workshop for your community or business. It will jumpstart real, deep, and productive conversations about the things that matter the most.