Welcome to Life full of Goodness, a place where you will find inspiration for taking care of oneself, being thankful, acting consciously, being of service to others and committing to continuous personal growth.

I have always been mystified by the way people live their lives, myself included. It should come as no secret that we aren’t always as good to ourselves as we should be. As we could be.

We make decisions that harm us and we mindlessly walk our paths, forgetting the intrinsic connection that we have with others and the world. It is often only through time and distance that we are able to see the error of our own ways.

I can’t tell you how many years ago it was that I began cultivating the Life Full of Goodness philosophy. I have always been interested and inspired by change and transformation. It happened slowly when I was growing up, I suppose, and then all at once, driven mostly by becoming a mom and the responsibility that brings in regards to guiding new lives.

We were intentionally raising our children without any specific religion, but I wanted to encourage spirituality. Perhaps because of that, it became important for me to find a way to guide their actions and infuse them with meaning and purpose.

So, I started asking them questions every night before bed. It began with these five:

– What did you like most about today?
– What are you thankful for?
– What did you do for others?
– What did you do for yourself?
– Who did something for you?

Over time, my kids wanted to share more, so we added these two questions:

– What did you learn today?
– What will you do tomorrow to improve your day?

These questions began to guide me almost as much as they guided them.

The transformation in how they saw their days was really noticeable, with the most important change being that the questions made them aware of how their actions and thoughts could contribute to their lives.

And so, Life Full of Goodness was born. This is a lifestyle philosophy that resulted from a deep inner calling to serve others, in this case by inspiring them to act, be, and live in line with these five specific principles:

– Take care of oneself
– Feel thankful
– Act consciously
– Be of service to others
– Commit to continuous personal growth

We’re creating ripples that touch countless others through the Life Full of Goodness collection of practical ideas, tools and inspiration.

And I’d like to invite you to join our community of people working to ignite that change.

Because with awareness, comes growth. And with growth, comes enjoyment and fulfillment that ripples throughout the world.

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