I will never forget the day my husband complimented my brother on his tie. Without hesitation, my brother took it off and gave to him. My husband immediately refused, but my brother insisted and after several back and forth my husband kept the tie. Actually, that tie is still in our wardrobe, it might not be fashionable anymore, but he can’t let go of it because it reminds him of that special moment.

After this experience, a whole world opened up to me, as I discovered that we carry the potential of generosity in every interaction.

The feeling of gratefulness was planted on us, and made us feel an imperious need to carry it forward to others. When we finally found a way to make a good deed ourselves, I realized why my brother did it in the first place. The feeling of being the giver, surpasses by far that one of being the receiver. Something bursts inside you. You feel giddy but calm, happy and in peace.

That feeling becomes a daily need, your perspective shifts from being wrapped up with yourself to being busy doing little things for others to make their day better. Those actions spark little drops here and there that expand unbeknownst to us their reach, and by experience I know that whoever is touched by those ripples, will continue to do a little something to others, because the feel-good sensation, is contagious.

One day, my family and I were walking in a field full of little flowers, my youngest child picked two and gave them to me, they were beautiful and colorful, then the middle child saw that and came to add up some more to my initial two flowers, some more walking and my oldest son found new flowers to add to the bunch. That moment was a very graphic expression on how the ripple effect of kindness happens and how it looks – It started with few flowers that were pretty, but ended up being a lovely bouquet made by many hands.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of that bouquet?

As you know, one of the questions I ask to my children at night is: What did you do to others and, how did that made you feel? This question has been such a powerful tool for them to consciously find opportunities to make someone else feel better and to their delight, have a little story to tell at night.

There are so many other ways that people use to encourage that daily dose of happiness in their lives and in others: smile cards, suspended coffees, kindness calendars or just the pure will to spill around some good words and deeds, no strings attached. So, I have a little suggestion to encourage myself as much as anyone…

Let’s find new little stories of kindness to tell ourselves every night.

Written by Monica Kerik