The immediate answer is yes! We are all interested in improving our homes, right? We immediately think about a cozy corner, new paint, maybe even buying a rug or a side table. We all love to spruce up the place we live in. Only that we forget that the world is our home and others living in it, our family. What if we use the same enthusiasm, creativity and intention to make improvements here and there to our home, to our world?

When we think about the world as our home, we tend to feel tiny and overwhelmed. But improving the world does not mean major or difficult changes. Small actions make a difference. A compliment to a stranger, picking up trash, holding the door for someone, planting a tree, all contribute to make that moment, in that particular corner of the world a better place.

As builders of our home, we decide what to construct, repair, tear down or renovate. All possible with our tools, one for every job… How about finding ways to connect those that are living under our roof with compassion and understanding rather than judgement?

Written by Monica Kerik