We are connected to the news of the entire world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And of course, what tends to make the most noise is bad news.  So it’s not surprising that there are days when we feel totally drained as a result of this bad news overload we’re all exposed to. It’s natural when we’re being bombarded by problems, distress and concerns that are both in and out of our reach.

The problem is that bad news makes us feel upset. And upset people react. When we react, our choices are motivated by anger and fear. Over time, that can lead to burnout and apathy. Or worse, depression, which in turn contributes to even more negative emotions.

The way to counteract this feeling is by taking good care of our bodies, our minds and our spirits, working to bring back balance and energy into ourselves. An important way to do this is through wellness and contemplative practices.

According to the Center of the Contemplative Mind in society, contemplative practices are: “practical, radical, and transformative, developing capacities for deep concentration and quieting the mind in the midst of the action and distraction that fills everyday life.”

Wellness and contemplative practices are a way to cultivate energy, becoming an opposite force to fatigue and downheartedness. In this way, we can create and lead positive transformations from our corner in the world.

Contemplative practices develop greater empathy and communication, improve focus and attention, reduce stress, enhance creativity and support a more loving and compassionate approach to life. These are important qualities to have for anyone who wants to avoid numbness to suffering and to stay consciously engaged, becoming trailblazers and leaders of change.

You might have already incorporated contemplative practices into your daily schedule: Creating a piece of art, listening to calm music or singing along while driving. A walk in the nearest park or a brief meditation can also be tools in the balancing act between energy and fatigue. Which is a great reason to make sure these practices don’t slip out of your daily routine.

If you haven’t found the right practice for you, have a look at the tree of contemplative practices (courtesy of Contemplative Mind).
tree of contemplative practices

Find a way to connect with your own energy to fight back bad news.

Written by Monica Kerik