We all know there are some things we have to do to support our personal development and goals; things we often fail to act upon. Think about the many times you’ve promised to meditate, or to work out; to drink tea or to stretch? How often do you actually follow through?

What if we started by giving those daily practices an extra layer of meaning? What if we found a way to reap the physical benefits, while also locking onto some spiritual gratification as well?

Accomplishing such a feat might look something like this:

1. Make it a daily ritual
Schedule your physical practice into your calendar. Give it a definite time and place. Make it a daily ritual.

2. Give it an intention
Think about your daily intention for practice. It could be something you are working on for yourself (i.e. managing destructive emotions), towards others (i.e. being more patient), or even something beyond your influence (i.e. aligning your energy towards making humanity rise above economic interests). The point is, land on an intention; it will further motivate you to commit.

3. Find your motivation
Know that your chosen practice will give you a health kick, strength and flexibility. But more importantly, it will become an embodied devotion, giving every breath and every movement of your practice more importance, dedication and permanence. Not to mention, more reasons to stick to it.

What will your moving prayer be for today?

Written by Monica Kerik