How many times are we thinking about what others are doing and achieving with their lives and inevitably makes us think consciously or unconsciously how are we measuring up?

Social media platforms allow us to constantly look around what other people are doing and also serves as a constant reminder of all the things that we are not doing. What would you think if I tell you there is another way to look at this. Maybe, you can find value in those thoughts and feelings!

Knowing what we admire or envy in others, is saying something about us. If you look deeper, it is gold to know what we see in others that makes us tick. Those thoughts, remind us of our abilities and also, uncover what are our desires, aspirations and fears.

When we become aware of what we value most, we are much better positioned to lead our life by taking better choices, asking yourself questions like:

What is it that they have that I wish I had?
What do I admire about them?
What qualities do I need to work on?

Comparison can be damaging if you let it be, why not tip your view around and find that the light we see in others can help us see our own potential and appreciate it.

Written by Monica Kerik