I have been in and out of yoga practice for years. I love yoga and have always felt the benefits of practice, but for several reasons, such as getting involved in other activities or changing schedules, I end up abandoning my yoga practice for months at a time. I just started yoga again.

Between poses and breaths I noticed something I didn’t before: whenever I peek to see how others are holding a balancing pose, I immediately lose my balance, but when I focus on my own pose, I can stay on it.

That realization made me wonder if it works the same way in our lives.

  • When we lose focus, we lose our balance.
  • Whenever we wonder what others are up to, we feel unsettled and forget our intentions.
  • When we get distracted, we can’t work toward our goal.
  • If we lose sight of our intent, it becomes more difficult to achieve it.

More than ever before, it is easier to get distracted and lose sight of what our life is about and what holds significance to us.

When you feel you are losing your footing, do the following things:

1. Remember the “why” something is important to you. Be very clear to what your values and objectives are.

The last time I had to buy a vehicle, I fantasized about choosing a Jeep, because in all honesty it has more personality than a van. When I found out the Jeep got fewer miles per gallon of gas, than the van, I had to remind myself that one of my “whys” is to be friendlier to the environment, which was more important than driving a cool-looking car. Either choice would take me from point A to point B, so I bought a van.

2. Focus on your goal.

Avoid looking around. Imagine a spotlight on your objective. Eyes and mind should be on your goal. Learn, improve, and achieve at your own pace. Watching the progress of others does nothing to aid you in your own progress.

3. Avoid distractions.

Unless the distraction is an idea, learning tool, or event helpful towards achieving your goal, turn off the noise of what others say or do. Don’t get caught up in useless comparisons.


4. Remember to breathe, if you practice yoga, you know that the rhythm of movement is given by each breath, allowing you to look inside, control your moves and find your center.

I’m learning to accept my falls, in yoga class and in life, but these steps have helped me remain upright and steady.


Written by Monica Kerik