Professional coaching sessions help you understand your unique strengths and develop clarity and confidence to pursue a life that you genuinely love. As a Co-Active® coach, I guide you as you balance your self-awareness, relationships, and actions to create an environment where you can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others, and successful in what matters to you most.

Coaching can help you to:

Find clarity in your personal or professional direction
Build self-belief and self-confidence
Establish a positive and balanced mindset
Develop a vision for your life and your career
Understand your personal values and discover your unique strengths
Make your life more intentional and purposeful
Create and achieve meaningful goals
Define where you want to be and get there

How does it work?

Before booking a session, we'll set up a time to chat on the phone about what you'd like to achieve during the coaching process. There's no charge for this chat. If we decide we're right for each other, we start with a package of 6 coaching sessions of 45 minutes each, generally held every two weeks. Many clients continue with a comprehensive three- or six-month program. And of course, you are always welcome to come back to coaching further down the track. Coaching includes access to additional free resources such as reading materials and worksheets, inspirational videos, recommended reading, guided meditations, and unlimited email access between sessions. Sessions are held either in Metro Atlanta or via teleconference.

My philosophy

This is what I believe in:


Everyone has a unique, natural strength or set of strengths. The more you understand those strengths, the more confident you’ll feel to go out in the world and do the things that you’re best suited to.



There’s nothing that will fulfill you more than learning about who you are and choosing a life in which you can be true to yourself.


Decluttering things, eliminating negative thoughts and unnecessary commitments helps you manage your emotions, time and expectations. It will also highlight what is essential in your life.


It is important to understand what drives you, what you are deeply connected to and what is your “why”. If you understand and live your purpose every day, you’re more likely to have an abundance of energy for the other things you love.

Giving back

Living with purpose almost always means making a difference in other people’s lives in some way. One of the things I love most is helping you to work out how to give back.


Having good quality, deep relationships is central to your wellbeing, and it takes active and sometimes unglamorous work to nurture those around you.


Positive leadership

You are responsible for designing your life. The majority of people don’t have a single predestined career or life path. More often than not, people fall into roles rather than proactively choosing and leading their own direction.


There are essential habits that need to be practiced every day to ensure that you maintain long-term well-being, high performance and high energy.


Regardless of how much you love your life and what you do, there’ll will always be set backs. It is possible to learn how to cope and bounce back from adversity.


You are deserving of attention, respect, love and belonging.

" Monica is a thoughtful and compassionate coach.  She actively listens and is not afraid to ask tough questions. She is thorough and organized, and has myriad life experiences, resources, and education that she offers appropriately. Monica is also a uniquely generous and kind person who will help guide you towards your full potential." - Maureen 

" Monica is an outstanding person with great positive energy. She strives for success, and is very committed to her work. She is an excellent coach, a fine mentor and a role model. Monica is people focused and has consistently taught me there is nothing more powerful than passionate leadership driven with clarity and accountability." - Lucina


If you still have questions about the way coaching works, or about coaching in general, you might find the answers in our frequently asked questions or connect with me to ask your specific questions.