About me

My name is Monica Kerik.

I’m at the core of my life, between old and young, as I like to describe it. I’ve lived enough to have some experience, but I still have plenty to learn.

I have seen both of my parents enter into old age. I’ve given birth three times and am currently raising two boys and a girl. I’ve witnessed life growing, evolving, and dwindling. I’ve lived in four different countries and have travelled to over forty. I’ve worked in the street markets in Italy and in a world-renowned advertising agency in the UK and Mexico. I’ve been a freelancer and have created my own business in the US. I’ve learned from and practiced three different religions and can speak four different languages.

The work I value is in the fields of mindfulness, Positive Psychology, the science of happiness, creativity, authenticity and neuroplasticity.

My mission is to provide you with different toolkits that will allow you to be, feel and act better on every level – with yourself, with others and with the world.

My approach can be described as intuitive and insightful. I’m passionate about guiding people to live more mindfully starting with oneself, helping you feel confident to pursue your version of a well-lived life, loving what you do.

What I offer:

Coaching: I offer one-on-one life coaching that will help you find direction using your own values, skills, strengths and desires.

Workshops: I run workshops that explore topics like what really matters in life, how to manage stress, the importance of human connection and the sources of happiness and wellbeing.

LSP Facilitation: I design and facilitate LEGO® Serious Play® workshops that will harvest the collective intelligence of families, teams and organizations using LEGO® bricks as a medium to build and express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphors.

I believe that everyone is creative and has a unique set of gifts to offer the world.
I am here to help you. Connect with me to start your journey living a Life Full of Goodness at workwithme@lifefullofgoodness.com